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Institutional Information

The information below is institutional information commonly needed when developing and submitting research proposals at Saint Louis University.

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Department/School Contact Email Phone Number
Center for Advanced Dental Education Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Center for Health Care Ethics Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Center for Liturgy Vicki Moreland  314-977-7733
Center for Sustainability Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Center for World Health and Medicine Vicki Moreland  314-977-7733
College for Arts and Sciences
American Studies Courtney Schlueter  314-977-7022
Communication Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Earth and Atmospheric Science      
English Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Fine and Performing Arts Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
History Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Languages, Literatures and Cultures Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Philosophy Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Political Science  Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Psychology Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Sociology and Anthropology Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Theological Studies Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
College for Public Health and Social Justice
Behavioral Science and Health Education Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Biostatistics Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Communication Sciences and Disorders Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Environmental and Occupational Health Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Epidemiology Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Health Management and Policy Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
School of Social Work Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Doisy College of Health Sciences Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Interprofessional Education Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Museum of Contemporary Religious Art  Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Parks College      
Public Safety Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
School of Business Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
School of Education      
School of Law  Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
School of Medicine    
Administration - General Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology      
Cancer Center Debbie Williams   314-977-7743
Comparative Medicine Debbie Williams 

Continuing Medical Education  Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Dermatology  Debbie Williams   314-977-7743
Infectious Disease and Vaccine Center Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Immunobiology  Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Institute for Molecular Virology  Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Internal Medicine - Cardiology  Debbie Williams   314-977-7743
Internal Medicine - Endocrinology Debbie Williams   314-977-7743
Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology and Hepatology  Debbie Williams    314-977-7743
Internal Medicine - Geriatric Medicine Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Internal Medicine - Hematology and Medical Oncology Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Internal Medicine - Nephrology Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Internal Medicine - Rheumatology Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology Debbie Williams  314-977-7743
Neurology and Psychiatry Debbie Williams  314-977-7743 
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Ophthalmology Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Orthopedic Surgery Debbie Williams 314-977-7743 
Otolaryngology Debbie Williams 314-977-7743 
Pediatrics Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences      
Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine  Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Radiology Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research (SLUCOR)  Courtney Schlueter 314-977-7022
Surgery - All Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Surgery - Center for Anatomical Science and Education Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Surgery - Practical Anatomy Workshop  Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
School of Nursing Terri Borowiak 314-977-2215
School of Professional Studies Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
Student Educational Services Vicki Moreland 314-977-7733
University Medical Group (UMG)  Debbie Williams  314-977-7743