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6 Reasons You Should Track Your Service with SLU’s 200-Years-in-One App

It’s been two months since Saint Louis University announced its 200-Years-in-One Challenge, and already thousands of students, faculty, staff and alumni have joined in the effort to help SLU perform 200 years worth of community service in just one year.

Getting involved is easy. Simply download the 200-Years-in-One app from either the iOS store or the Google Play store, and use it to record and submit your service hours.

Still haven’t downloaded it? Here are six great reasons why you should add the SLU 200 Years-in-One app to your home screen.

User holding a moblie phone running the 200-Years-In-One app.

SLU's 200-Years-In-One app allows anyone who wishes to participate to track and submit hours to the University's bicentennial challenge.

1. You can take part in SLU’s bicentennial celebration no matter where you are.

The 200-Years-in-One Challenge is part of a yearlong celebration highlighting SLU’s legacy serving the community and educating men and women for others. The app allows anyone — students, faculty, alumni and those inspired by the Jesuit mission — to easily join in the festivities by doing good works in their own neighborhoods, whether they’re across town or across the ocean.

2. It can track your hours precisely and provide data you can use on resumes, applications and more.

Are you thinking about applying for leadership positions on campus? Need to enhance your résumé?  Impress your future employers by providing your total hours served right down to the second. The app keeps track of all the hours you submit and lets you know how much your hard work is contributing to the challenge.

3. It will let you check how many hours SLU has already served, even when you’re away from campus.

Every second of time tracked by the app appears in real time at a clock on the corner of Grand Avenue and Lindell Boulevard. But with the app, you can check in and follow SLU’s progress no matter where you are. Watch the hours add up, and be inspired by how much members of the SLU community are doing.

4. You can upload service photos with an exclusive photo frame that's time stamped with the exact hour, minute and second your service brought SLU's clock to.

Share all the good work you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter and inspire others to join in! The digital SLU photo frame (only available through the SLU app) includes a time stamp of the clock’s current year and lets everyone see how all your hard work is adding up to something great.

5. Get the chance to be featured on SLU’s social media.

We’re excited to share photos of Billikens getting out into the community and making a difference. Upload your awesome service photos, and you may find them earning likes on SLU’s Facebook page and Twitter.

6. Be entered to win a SLU swag gift package.

Good deeds come with their own rewards, and we’re giving away a few of them. Submit your service hours and you could be entered to win some fun SLU prizes, including a $10 iTunes gift card. Like SLU on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more information about the giveaway.