Division Employee Resources

The Division of Student Development at Saint Louis University embraces staff members with a variety of diverse experiences and perspectives, designed to help sharpen their skills and deepen their commitment to engaging students in their holistic development.

Strategic Priorities

Global Citizenship

Understand the interconnectedness of multiple perspectives and cultural identities as part of a broader humanity, and express compassion for others, act in service to others, and enact social change with others.

Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

Value the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and balance physical wellness, mental wellness and spiritual development.

Student Success

Understand the resources available to assist you in achieving your goals, activating your potential, while engaging in strategies to identifying and reach your post-graduation goals.

Integrative Learning

Embrace the ideal that learning is a lifelong endeavor; discover, reflect on and apply the knowledge acquired in classroom and out-of-class experiences to create deeper meaning.


Staff Recognition

The Division of Student Development annually awards staff who have made outstanding contributions or advanced divisional initiatives that have significantly affected student life and whose work is recognized across departments.

Billiken Spirit Award

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Collaborative Partner Award

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Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Award

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Divisional Statement on Diversity

In support of Saint Louis University's Jesuit mission, the Division of Student Development is committed to maintaining an environment of mutual respect and dignity for people of all backgrounds and cultures. It is our mission to encourage and support a thriving and diverse community among our staff and students .

We honor the differences in our community, whether they be, age, ability, race, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, and prepare our students to thrive in a multicultural, diverse society. Our efforts are grounded in cultivating awareness, inclusion and engagement through intentional experiences, events and programs that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.