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Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity

The mission of the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity is to promote a deep understanding and appreciation among the diverse members of the University community, to promote justice and equality in educational and employment opportunities, as well as to lead efforts to create an inclusive academic and work environment.

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity supports the University's Affirmative Action/EEO policy statement.

It is in understanding and appreciating that we are all different and recognizing each person's unique value, contributions, and potential. By recognizing and valuing our difference, we can maintain effective working relationships, increase productivity, and maximize retention.

The beauties of nature come in all colors.
The strengths of human kind come in many forms.
Every being is wonderfully unique.
All of us contribute in different ways.
When we learn to honor the difference and appreciate the mix, we find harmony.

A quote from a motivational poster

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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