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Export Controls

The United States federal government has laws and policies restricting exports of goods, technology, information, and data that serve several purposes:

1) To restrict exports of goods and technology that could contribute to the military potential of U.S. international adversaries.

2) To prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

3) To advance U.S. foreign policy goals.

4) To protect the U.S. economy and promote trade goals.

Although policies such as these have been in effect for many years, the events since 2001 have increased attention to exports controls, and all U.S. institutions must abide by these policies.

Please refer to the Export Controls Policy and Decision Tree for information specific to your research, see International Travel Guide for requirements for international travel. For further information please contact:

Michael Reeves
Export Controls Officer
Schwitalla Hall, M229
1402 S. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63104

Phone: (314) 977-5880


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