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Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor in Spanish

1. A Minor in Spanish requires 18 credit hours beginning with SPAN 3010. A typical plan of study is as follows*:

  • SPAN 3010.......3 credits
  • SPAN 3020 ..... 3 credits
  • SPAN 3030 ..... 3 credits
  • SPAN 3040 ..... 3 credits
  • 2 upper-division courses (above SPAN 3040)

*Students seeking the Spanish Minor must complete 18 credit hours of course work regardless of the level at which they begin; that is, if students begin their studies with SPAN 3030 and 3040, they must complete an additional 12 credit hours of upper-division courses to fulfill 18 credit hours required for the Minor.

2. All Spanish courses to be counted toward the Minor must be completed with a grade of C or better, and students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

3. Transfer students must complete at least two courses in residence at SLU.

4. All courses must be taken in Spanish.*

5. To declare a Spanish minor, please see your Academic Advisor, who will help you complete the declaration form.

*Under extraordinary circumstances, and with the approval of both the course instructor and the Spanish Minor Coordinator(s), students can request permission to take one upper-division Spanish class conducted in English. 

All students seeking the Spanish minor and planning to study abroad must have all non-SLU courses approved prior to taking them. All non-SLU Spanish courses must be pre-approved by the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences. If the class is to count for the Spanish Minor, the College of Arts and Sciences requires that the Department also approves the course(s). It is imperative, therefore, that students planning to study abroad at non-SLU institutions consult with the Spanish Minor Coordinator(s) and provide a detailed syllabus and semester schedule of these courses.


Spanish Minor Coordinators
Dr. Elsy Cardona & Mrs. Sarah Bauer (

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